Here's my cover of the track Heightmap from Transistor!

Sean Schafianski put out a new album of jazz arrangements from FFIV, and I play trumpet and flugelhorn on the track "The Lunarians" which also includes Sam Bobinski on bass.

For this album, I performed on Main Title (Starshaft Remix) [NUKE INTRO] as a member of Coin Op Co.

I sang on the track "Bemknesyka (The Trials)”. This is the first time that I’ve ever sung in Al Bhed!

I arranged and performed "Guadosalam”. I also performed on "To the End of the Abyss/Beyond Darkness”, "Blitzissimo”, "Bravely Bwakking Forward”, "Echoes of the Ronso”, "A Contest of Aeons”, and "Aria di Chiusura”.

I arranged and performed "Random Waltz”.  I also performed on "The Bwak Choir Cadets”, "Under The Stars”, and "Apoplexy”.