Gold Trophy

This is a big~ish band arrangement of the Battlerock Galaxy theme from the video game Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii. It won first place in the August 2017 Space Month Dwelling of Duels competition. There is strong Stan Kenton/Bill Holman influence as well as a splash of Maynard Ferguson, Chase, Holst, and John Williams mixed in. I play several real trumpet parts, several real trombone parts, a few real mellophonium parts, as well as midi piano, midi bass, and midi drums.

This was my 2nd DoD win.

"Adventures in Battlerock Galaxy" from Super Mario Galaxy

I arranged and performed "Random Waltz”.  I also performed on "The Bwak Choir Cadets”, "Under The Stars”, and "Apoplexy”.

My first Patient Corgi contribution.  This is "The Tube” from Ecco the Dolphin.

SOUND WAVES: A Tribute to Ecco the Dolphin by Hat

Download The Results Are In (and You’re Obese)

This is the music from the Character Introduction video that plays if you leave the game booted without starting it.

Download Yeah Buddy (Check ‘Em Out)

Download "Do You Remember?"

This is dedicated to Justin Willcox, 1978-2017.

Download "Overworld"

This was my final project for my Instrumentation and Arranging class at Kennesaw State University.  This is the KSU Jazz Ensemble playing through this.